DTH Services

Dish TV

Dish TV is the first to start a DTH service and now offers more than 400 channels and services.They provide Standard definition (SD),High Definition (HD) connections and now you can watch it even on your mobile phone.Standard Definition Packs divided as Rest of the India and South Packs.Select from 7 different packages in Rest of the India Pack and 6 different packages in South Pack.Packages starts from INR 99 per month and up to INR 500.High Definition (HD) Packs have 3 different packages to choose and the monthly charges starts from INR 399 to INR 599.

Videocon d2h

Videocon d2h is a popular DTH service provider and have up to 444 channels and services.They have 22 Real High Definition (HD) channels and latest satellite tv features including 1000GB HD recorder.The North East West Packages have 8 plans to choose from and the package price starts from INR 220 to INR 480.South packages have 9 different plans and package price starts from INR 165 to INR 480.Both packages includes High Definition (HD) plans.